What a week!

I’m not sure that I have experienced a week as stressful as this one has been! 

As per my previous post, my allocated teacher emailed me on Monday saying that she was unable to take on a prac student. And the stress began!! My liaison officer offered little support and with a number of other present stressors, I was waking up each day feeling sick to my stomach, not knowing if my prac was still taking place at it’s scheduled start date or not. I finally heard from the principal at my school yesterday advising me that I got a class! I am certain that principal was working tirelessly to place me, and I was so appreciative that she managed to find me a class. After receiving advice that I have a mentor teacher I emailed her right away and received a response within an hour! Needless to say, a weight had been lifted and I could breathe again!!

2 days out from prac and no class is not a good way to end a semester but thankfully it is resolved!

I am however, unable to start my final assessment because I have no information about the students or the resources available. My teacher is excited and has already asked for a copy of my requirements for EDC3100. She seems lovely and I’m so excited to start on Monday!!

I am sure that this weekend will involve cranking some tunes on Spotify and trying to relax before taking on a class of year 4 kids! 

Enjoy your break boys and girls!


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